Seller’s Guide

Selling property in Whistler


Whether it is your home, a rental, or an investment property – selling a property is an important event and deserves and requires your Realtor’s full attention.

My knowledge about the market, exceptional eye for detail, and extensive marketing background will help you through this process, while feeling understood and at ease.

Selling process

Here are the general steps for selling real estate in Whistler


Tell me your story

Let’s talk about your thoughts and desired outcomes. I will provide guidance, market knowledge, and help you navigate the selling process.


Property Valuation

We will work together to determine the market value of your property. Assessing the local market conditions, reviewing comparable sales, and discussing the unique features of your property will guide us to a realistic listing price.


Prepare your property

Get your property in top shape to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. We will discuss making necessary repairs, decluttering, and staging the property to showcase its best features.


Listing agreement

Once you feel prepared for the final step, we will sign the listing agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of the listing. This agreement will specify the listing price, duration, and commission arrangements.


Marketing and showings

I will create a comprehensive marketing plan to promote your property to potential buyers. This will include professional photography, virtual tours, floor plans, online listings, and targeted advertising. I will also schedule and facilitate property showings.


Negotiate offers

When a buyer expresses interest, I will present and negotiate offers on your behalf, under your direction. I will guide you through the negotiation process and help you achieve the best possible sale price and terms.


Accept an offer

Once you agree on the terms, conditions, and sale price, you’ll accept the offer in writing.


Buyer’s due diligence

The buyer will conduct their due diligence, which may include property inspections, appraisals, and financing arrangements. You don’t have to worry about any of this, I will coordinate these activities and ensure a smooth process.


Remove conditions

Once the buyer’s conditions are satisfied, such as financing approval and property inspections, they will sign a subject removal form, which makes the agreement a firm deal. The buyer will provide a deposit, which is typically held in trust until the completion of the sale.


Completion and possession

On the completion date, your lawyer or notary will handle the legal aspects of the transaction. Funds will be transferred, and ownership will be transferred to the buyer. You’ll hand over possession of the property to the buyer as per the agreed-upon terms.

These steps provide a general overview of the selling process in Whistler.
It’s important to work closely with your agent and consult with professionals, such as lawyers or notaries, to ensure a successful and smooth transaction. Market conditions and individual circumstances may impact the specific details of your selling process.

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